Month: December 2015

AAChronicles #2


Merry Christmas!  Last week while we were still in school, a parent asked her daughter’s SLP to unmask “Santa” and “presents” on her daughter’s Accent 1000.  The SLP did and pulled her for a session so she could show her the new words.  They read a quick story about Santa and the SLP asked the student if she would be leaving cookies and milk for Santa this year.  The student then replied “pop” and laughed!

Her therapist was so excited to share the story because even though “pop” (soda) is in the drink section, they had previously only really used it to talk about popping bubbles.  The student was cracking up over the idea of leaving “pop” for Santa instead of milk!

Later in the session, she also used “”pop” to ask to pop some bubbles!  We’re really proud of this smart girl for understanding that some words have multiple meanings and using them appropriately! // Movement Fun in the Classroom

GoNoodle.comA teacher recently shared the website with me, and I love it! The website is a collection of “brain break” videos to use in the classroom. Most of the videos are no more than 5 minutes long and lead students in dancing or stretching routines.

Schools also have the option of signing up for GoNoodle Plus which includes movement activities focused on teaching academic content. GoNoodle Plus costs $10 a month or $99 a year for a school.

The free version still gives you access to hundreds of movement videos.