Month: February 2016

AAC Chronicles #5


Have you ever worked in one of those awesome classrooms where everyone gets on board with AAC?  A classroom where you can walk into the room at any given time and you know your students are going to have their devices right next to them?  It’s a rare and magical place and I love it!  This week, another SLP and I decided to have a THANK YOU lunch for one of our magical classrooms.  In addition to implementing communication systems, they have spent the last month learning how to use alternative pencils with their students.

We bought pizza and soda and got down to thanking the amazing paraprofessionals (and teacher!) who have gotten on board with communication and literacy.  One of their students was still at school and came to the party.  While everyone was talking about how great things have been going, the student reached for his device and said “fun.”  And he was so right!  It was fun and special!  I can’t wait to see what more this classroom has to offer!

Bilingual Word Clouds

Bilingual Word Cloud

Wanted to share another word cloud!  This is from one of my students using Puente 84.  It’s pretty awesome to see a mixture of English and Spanish words!  I looked at her “Top 10” data from one week and thought it was cool to see that two words made it into the top ten in both languages!

Top Words

It’s exciting to see some of my students independently code-switching!  It’s especially fun to see that she uses both languages in the same activity.  For example I see her talking about the month and days of the week in both languages most likely during morning meeting.  Way to go!

Using Bitstrips to Illustrate Adapted Chapter Books and Social Stories

Bitstrips for Schools

Finding age respectful reading material for students with disabilities can be difficult. As teachers and therapists, we often find ourselves making materials from scratch or adapting already existing materials. Illustrating these adapted books can be tricky. Especially when you are adapting works of fiction with characters that need to stay consistent page to page.

Do you pay to use stock photos?

Do you go with whatever google has to offer?

Do you accept that the main character may look different on every page?

I know that we have been very frustrated trying to adapt chapter books for our older students. Our solution has been using Bitstrips for Schools.


Don’t Be a Language Stealer!

We Have Rights

Wanted to share a favorite video of mine!  I’m sure many of you have already seen it!

“Don’t leave anybody asleep in their wheelchair!”  – This line really resonates with me.  I find that often I see students in wheelchairs not participating as much as they should be!

Language Is

Don’t forget that language is so much more than requesting!  And so much more than a book of nouns!

“We want to READ.

We want to WRITE.

We want to SPEAK.