As we begin to go back out into the world, it may be challenging to encourage children to wear a mask. There are many social stories already floating around and we are adding one more to the bunch.

Click on the picture below to download the book.

This book was made for you to modify as needed for the child in your life. The picture of the person is a placeholder for you to add a photo of the child, friends, family members, favorite musicians, or movie stars. The location pages can be easily changed to reflect places the child is most likely to travel to.

The animations in the PowerPoint are set to put a mask on each photo you add. When you play the Powerpoint, the mask animation is set to start on the first click. There are also Unity sequences for “put on” and “go”. Feel free to add your own or remove them as you see fit.

In order to change out the photo of the person, copy & paste or insert a photo of your choosing.

Adjust the size and location of the photo so that the chin of the person in the photo lines up with the chin in the placeholder drawing.

Right-click the photo and “Send to Back”.

Select and delete the placeholder drawing.

At this point, you may still want to adjust where the mask will end up on the photo. If so, select the mask. You will see the animation appear as a dotted line. If you select the end-point of the line that is in front of the photo, you will see how the mask will line up on the face in the photo. Move that picture until you are satisfied with the mask placement.

In order to change the text, simply double-click the text box. You can then delete the placeholder text and add your own.

Lastly, you can change the location photos by selecting and deleting the current ones and pasting or inserting your own.

Hopefully, we have provided you with one more tool as you prepare your children, clients, and students for their “new normal”.

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