Have you heard of the Quick AAC Developmental Profile or QUAD Profile before? If you haven’t, it’s a total game changer for AAC assessment.

I love to use the Communication Matrix for my initial AAC evaluations and for ongoing assessment for emergent communicators. But, once my students/ clients are at the language level on the Matrix (e.g. using two or more words), I need to look at other assessment tools to help develop appropriate goals. This is where I turn to the AAC Profile and the QUAD Profile.

The QUAD Profile looks at vocabulary, morphology, syntax, and function. It is a tool that allows you to analyze language samples and compare them to checklists. I try to keep my QUAD Profile near me for several sessions and I use the checklists to identify when I hear my students using certain vocabulary, sentence structures, grammar markers, or communication functions. I also write down the phrase or sentence used in the margins or on the notes page.

The vocabulary checklist has a list of high frequency words. To be honest, some of them are ones I don’t always remember to target so this is a nice reminder.

The morphology checklist is the one that always gets me! It looks at Brown’s morphemes such as plural and possessive s, present progressive, third person singular, common prepositions, etc. As I have begun targeting these with my AAC users, they’re language is growing so much!

The sentence types checklist looks at basic sentence structures and provides a nice reminder that there are many different phrase types at each two, three, four, etc. word level.

And last, the language functions checklist is similar to the Communication Matrix in that it looks at the function of the utterance.

Head over to the Speech Dudes to download the QUAD Profile. We can’t recommend it enough!

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