Earlier this year, I found out that my beloved Baby-Sitters Club books had been turned into graphic novels. I immediately thought of a few pre-teen girls I know that would love to read these books on their eye-gaze devices. In our previous post, we discuss using Office 365 on Accent Devices to display adapted PowerPoint books. This would also be possible using the PowerPoint App on the iPad.

Unfortunately, I didn’t quite realize how daunting it would be to adapt the entire chapter book. I promise that it will be available for anyone who can demonstrate proof of purchase for the book when I it is complete. Until that time, I thought I would provide some instructions for how to I adapt graphic novels (I have listed a few suggestions, provided by a very helpful Barnes & Noble employee, below).

Roller Girl                              El Deafo                                        Amulet


Continue reading for step-by-step instructions for adapting graphic novels in PowerPoint.

1. You can buy a hard copy of the book and scan it or purchase the ebook. In this case, I purchased the ebook because I knew I would not need a hard copy. This is how the book looks on the Kindle Cloud Reader. screen-shot-2017-02-04-at-12-36-55-pm

2. Take a screen shot (Shift-Command-4) on a Mac or use the snipping tool in Windows to select the image you want on the slide. Graphic novels have quite a few panels on each page, so I chose to spread one page of the book across several slide.

Tip: When you double-click a single panel on the page it zooms in and highlights the panel within the frame.


3. Open PowerPoint and set up a slide with arrows for turning pages. Click here to download the template I used. You can also find several other templates posted in previous blog posts.

4. Paste or insert the panel(s) you selected on the slide.


5. Record audio (found on the Home toolbar at the top of the screen) for each caption, speech bubble, or special effects lettering.


6. Move the speaker icon over top of the text and re-size it to fit the entire area.

Tip: I found that I need to bring the bottom of the speaker a little but below the bottom of the text box. This prevents the small audio window that pops up when it is clicked in presentation mode from blocking the text.


7. Make the speaker icon transparent by double-clicking it and moving the transparency slide on the Format Audio toolbar (positioned at the top of the screen) to 100%.

screen-shot-2017-02-04-at-3-52-45-pm      screen-shot-2017-02-04-at-3-52-53-pm

8. Repeat!

I really enjoy using graphic novels as a way for older students to enjoy illustrations with a wider variety of age respectful content. Please let me know if you adapt any graphic novels this way! I hope to have The Baby-Sitters Club available soon.



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