We are excited to continue sharing fun activities you can do at home and the modeling cheat-sheets to go with them.

Click the picture below for a link to my Pinterest board, “All the Dough”.

Most of these doughs can be made using common ingredients you can find in your pantry. Here are a few of my favorites:

This is a tried and true recipe.

Want something that smells a little nicer?

Are your hands dry from the salt dough?

Conditioner and corn starch to the rescue!

Have children in your life that mouth all of the dough put in front of them?

And now for the AAC…

Click HERE to download a modeling cheat-sheet for these activities. These are just meant to be guides for those of you who are at home with a child and learning the device with them.

We hope you enjoy these activities. They may be messy, but they are fun!

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