Do you love to have taste or smell tests with your students/ children/ clients? We do! It’s one of our favorite in-person language activities to work on commenting! Over the past couple of months we’ve worked on finding a way to make this fun activity appropriate for virtual therapy sessions! Our students and their families have loved this activity so we’re making it available with a new product!

Many of our students use the Unity® symbols on an Accent device or with the LAMP application, so those are included in our product. I often use the PASS software from PRC to model on my computer during Zoom sessions. I’ve also modeled on my iPad for my students with the LAMP app or I’ve modeled using a PDF low tech version of Unity from the AAC Language Lab.

Here’s how our 30 minute sessions look when we use this product:

  1. Model and practice target core vocabulary words.
    • SLP, Teacher, or Caregiver models the target core vocabulary word.
    • Student practices the core vocabulary word on their AAC system or verbally!
    • Watch a GIF that illustrates the core vocabulary word! (SLP, Teacher, or Caregiver may model using the target core word in a simple phrase based on the GIF.
  2. After modeling and practicing the target core vocabulary, watch a YouTube taste test video. You’ll find links for silly taste test songs and videos of children trying different foods. Pause during the videos to practice making comments!
  3. The student may participate in a taste or smell test at home and practice commenting. OR you may play a game that directly relates to the video watched.

Check it out here on Teachers Pay Teachers!

And don’t forget to check out our doggie taste test on YouTube!

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