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We have been slowly chipping away at the stack of games and toys got to adapt through a grant. The most recent game has been Pop-up Pirate. I am still figuring out how I am going to adapt the actual game pieces (maybe some built up handles) but I went ahead and adapted it for a touch screen on Boardmaker. Click on any of the pictures below to download the file from Boardmaker Share.

Pirate Game

In order to make the box that “pops” the pirate different each time children play, there are 6 different boards.

Pirate Game 1Each child chooses a sword color and takes turns dragging and dropping the sword into a yellow hole (make sure the hole is highlighted in red before letting go of the sword). You can use classroom pointers or a stylus to complete this step if the child has difficulty isolating a finger. Pirate Game 2One hole on each board is programmed to play a video of the pirate popping from the barrel. Pirate Game 3I am still learning how to adapt activities on Boardmaker and I could not figure out a way to make this work with switch scanning. If you know of a way, please adapt it further and let me know!


Once you unzip the folder, you need to move it to your desktop or another folder. This should make sure the links between pages work. If there is some difficulty, just double click the Game [Number] button. This should open up the screen below.

asssigned actions

Double click the words “Change Board” and choose the matching board on the screen pictured below.

select board

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