The current trend is to convert popular young adult literature into graphic novels. These can be a great resource when you are looking for age-appropriate and motivating literature for older readers. When using these in your virtual classroom or at home, Kindle Cloud and the Kindle App can be a helpful tool. Click the link below to view an Amazon list of our favorite titles.

When reading these books on the Kindle App,  you can highlight the individual frames. To access the books you have purchased through the website. Go to “Accounts and Lists” in the tool bar.

Select”Manage Content and Devices”.

Select the ellipsis next to the book you purchased. Select “Read Now”.

Once the book opens in Kindle Cloud Reader, you can zoom in on individual comic panes by double clicking on them. This is also fade out the other panes. You can also access books you have purchased in the Kindle App on your phone or tablet.

For more information about the specific features in guided view for a graphic novel in Kindle, click the picture below.

Let us know if you try reading any of these books to your children or students?

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