Choosing an AAC Device – Mind Map

AAC device

“How do you know that’s the device we should try?”

There are so many things to consider when conducting an AAC evaluation. And I don’t have a set protocol that I follow when evaluating a student for an AAC device. Sometimes I walk into a classroom, observe a student during a lesson, and go back to their SLP and say, “what do you think about trying xyz?” Other times, a team member identifies that a student needs an AAC system, I observe the student, and we meet to discuss different options. In other instances I may try a variety of devices with the student to get a feel for how they communicate on different systems. There are so many other scenarios, but I think you get the point! But, no matter the scenario, when I make a recommendation, I am often asked, “How do you know that’s the device we should try?”

(more…) Enhancing Lessons with Sound

soundbibleWhen creating interactive activities in programs such as Boardmaker with Speaking Dynamically Pro, PowerPoint, and Classroom Suite, including sounds can:

  • capture student interest
  • provide access to the content for students with visual impairments
  • support the meaning of text
  • embed feedback for correct answers
  • provide opportunities for communication (e.g. commenting and directing actions) is an excellent source for free sound files. Continue reading to find out how to use files in your lessons.



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“How did you do that?”

As an AT Specialist and Instructional Support Teacher we hear this question ALL THE TIME. We decided that a blog was a great platform to share with fellow professionals in our school and elsewhere.

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