Picture of the book "Come On, Calm" sitting on a stool in an art studio.

For many, it’s back to school after being home and doing virtual learning for almost a year and a half. I don’t know about you, but our first day was ROUGH. It was so exciting to get students back into the building and see all of the students I dearly missed!! But, for many of our students, being back at school was overwhelming and dysregulating.

An SLP I work with, Kelsey Brown, shared her book Come On, Calm! with me and I couldn’t be more excited. It is truly what has been missing when we work on sensory regulation. Using inclusive and diverse characters and illustrations, Kelsey helps our readers use their imaginations to learn sensory regulation strategies. For example, students can learn deep breathing by pretending to sniff flower (or get some flowers for multi-sensory practice along with the book).

Author Kelsey Brown reading a page in the store about pretending to be an astronaut and reaching high.

I’m using this book with my students to create a fun, multi-sensory learning experience where we can practice using and asking for sensory regulation strategies. Students of all abilities could benefit from the imaginative strategies you’ll learn when reading!

Students love the repetitive line “come on calm” and will be chanting it by the end of the book! Come On, Calm is currently available on Kindle. AND Kelsey being the wonderful SLP that she is, has decided to reprint so that more students can benefit from the book! OTs, SLPs, parents, teachers, etc. are going to love reading this! Pre-order your copy now!!

Pre-Order box with picture of the book and captions: 
- social and emotional learning
- sensory regulation strategies
- diverse and inclusive characters
- imaginative and fun!
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