UntitledPut together these 3 sets of instructions and you can make an adapted pourer and CD switch for pennies compared to what the combo would cost through a retailer.

Adapted Pourer

No-Solder Battery Interrupter

CD Switch

Adapted Pourer

Below is the list of items I ordered to completed the pourer.  I used pieces of glued together cardboard and wrapped in duct tape instead of  wood because it is what I had lying around. I also used some duct tape to make sure the battery interrupter did not slip or get pulled. I used the 6 inch gooseneck for mine but I thought it ended up being a little short so I am listing the 13inch one.

Microphone Clamp – $7.95

Microphone Gooseneck – $7.95

PVC Connector – $.0.49

Disco Ball Motor – $11.11

Industrial Strength Velcro – $6.79

Measuring Cup – $4.69

Adapted Pourer  = $39


Battery Interrupter

You can purchase battery interrupters on Amazon but if you are making several this is much more cost effective. The items you need to purchase are listed below.

Copper Foil – $13.18

Cable- $0.75 per cable

Battery Interrupter  = Under $14


CD Switch

To make the switch you can use the leftover velcro from the pourer and the same copper foil and the other half of the cable you used for the battery interrupter. I think we all still have a few CDs lying around so those are FREE. RJ Cooper also offers a CD Switch Kit for $50 ($10 a switch).

CD Switch = No Additional Cost

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