I wanted to share some fun items I’ve purchased to use with some of my older students with complex communication needs.  It’s sometimes challenging to come up with activity ideas for my older students using AAC but I recently decided to of the “joke” route and it’s been a blast.  Some of my younger students, especially the boys, have also been getting a kick out of these items!  Here are some of my favorites.  If you click the pictures, they link to where you can purchase them on Amazon.com.

Snakes in a Can!  These are a favorite because you can use them to surprise students and then students can use them to surprise others!  My students love “tricking” other staff and students into opening the cans.  They seem to be very motivating to communicate!  Also, for many of my students with complex bodies (physical impairments) they can participate in funny activities by giving the directions and watching the results!  A couple of words can lead to a huge payoff in laughs!

Snakes in a Can Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 1.30.42 AM






no buttonThe NO button!  The button has ten different phrases/ voices to say “no.”  I’ve paired it with “No David” for younger students or taken turns with students asking questions and then saying “no.”  For example, you can ask a student a question such as “do you like boogers?” and they hit the “no” button.  Then the student can ask you a question so you can hit the “no” button!

whoopee cushionWhoopee Cushions!  Enough said?  Fun to have students tell you what to do to set it up.  “Put on chair, get it, move it, different chair.”

sound machine

fart machineSound Machines.  I love these because there are so many varieties!  Here are two of my favorites.  It’s a fun opportunity for students to practice asking for one that is “different” and commenting on the different
sounds.  Some comments/ adjectives we’ve practiced include “too loud, annoying, bad, like that, funny, silly, disgusting, weird, etc.”  Some directions I’ve heard students give or that I’ve modeled include: “do it again, pick a different one, you try, I pick.

magic 8 ball The Magic 8 Ball is a good one to use when working on asking questions.  Who knows what answer you’ll get! It might be helpful to have question starter visuals.  Great to use with a group; let one student ask, another shake, and a third person read the answer!

Some other fun ideas:  The rubber chicken, gum/ pens that shock the person who touches them, voice changing machines, and prank kits.

rubber chicken           voice changer            pranks            pens        gum

Share your ideas!

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