PowerPoint can make adapting books a breeze. We recently took the same features we use when making books for the computer or iPad and created a book for an Accent 1400 with NuEye. The Accent 1400 allows the user to download Microsoft with PowerPoint 360. This opens up the endless activity possibilities available through PowerPoint.

AlphaOops! H is for Halloween is the first book we tried this with and it was a hit!  Each slide contains 4 icons that the child can click to turn the page, hear audio of the page, go back, or exit the book.


Continue reading for a free template and step-by-step directions.

1.Click HERE to download the PowerPoint book template.

2.Right click the picture below and save it to your computer.


3. Open the template and insert the cover page for your book.

4. Record the audio for the cover page.


5. Right click the speaker image on the audio file and select Change Picture.


6. Select and insert the picture file that you saved in step 2.


7.  When the book is in presentation mode, the audio will play with the read icon is selected.


8. Repeat this steps 4-7 with the audio on each page and add images and text.

9. If you need additional pages, simply copy and paste the slides.

10. Have fun creating accessible PowerPoint books!


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