Core Word Activity

GO AWAY, big green face!

GO AWAY, BIG GREEN MONSTER by Ed Emberley seems as if it was made for core word instruction. The book describes each feature on the face of a horrible BIG GREEN MONSTER followed by the narrator telling them to GO AWAY

Continue reading to download a PowerPoint activity to go along with the book.

 Using the PowerPoint pictured below (click the picture to download) children can put together the BIG GREEN MONSTER and then make each feature GO AWAY. Each animation is triggered by selecting the Pixon Symbol for the corresponding feature. 

Go Away Big Green Monster

In a group setting, children can take turns instructing a peer to make a feature GO AWAY on their individual communication systems and activating the animations on the PowerPoint.  This PowerPoint was created for use with touch screens such as a Tap-it or SmartBoard using direct selection (can also be used with a switch and switch interface with the cursor positioned over the Pixon symbol). 

Core Words

The cheat-sheet above shows the most frequently used core words in the book with symbol sequences for Unity 84 Sequenced.

Click on the pictures below to purchase the iPad app (Ed Emberley narrates with fun monster animations) or the book. 


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