Song Choice Tool Bar Song Choice Tool Bar Song Choice Tool BarI have been making simple song choice activities in Classroom Suite this week. We have several students with vision impairments who are learning to switch scan and really enjoy these music activities. Today, a student played the Kidz Bop video of the song “Chicken Noodle Soup” on repeat after Amanda told him she really did not like the song.

Each activity only contains a 20 second clip of the songs (typically the chorus). My best friends when cutting music and video to make these have been Online MP3Cutter and Online Video Cutter.

Continue reading to find out more about each website.

Working in a school with heavy computer restrictions has made it difficult to download software that will edit songs and video. I love these websites for the simple fact that I can easily use them at work.

Online MP3 CutterOnline MP3 Cutter allows the user to import a MP3 by selecting the “open” button. You can then cut the song by sliding the scissors back and forth until you have the clip you want. There are many programs that have this capability, but this one is very fast and easy to use. If you need another type of file (i.e. .WAV, .AVI, etc..) you can use other software¬† such as Garage Band or Audacity.

Online Video CutterOnline Video Cutter allows the user to open a video file or copy and paste a URL on the home page. Once your video is uploaded, you can cut the video by sliding the bars until you have the clip you want. Some examples of software that allows you to edit videos are iMovie and Windows Movie Maker. *Remember that classroom suite only plays .MOV video files.

I will be posting instructions on how to make these switch accessible music activities in Classroom Suite and PowerPoint very soon.




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