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I LOVE books!  I can’t imagine a world without them.  Reading is my go-to hobby and sharing my love of books with my students is one of my favorite activities!  I’ve noticed that everyone at school is at least on the same page that books are important!  BUT not everyone knows how  to read with the students.  Shared and Guided Reading are so important for our students but they are not always being done!  To learn more about the difference between shared reading and guided reading, check out this presentation by Karen Erickson.

Many of my students are emergent readers and not quite ready for guided reading.  Everyone is ready for shared reading!  According to Ezell & Justice (2005), shared reading is “The interaction that occurs when a child and adult look at or read a book together.”  I wanted to share some important information about shared reading.  Following this post, we’ll be posting about specific strategies and tools we’re using and books we’re reading!

Here are some key points:

Shared reading includes reading books, talking about books, and interacting with books!

During shared reading, the child reads with you.  This means that the adult doesn’t just read to the child.  The child helps tell the story and guides the interaction!

Follow your child’s interests.  Keep the reading light and fun!

Shared reading increases expressive and receptive communication skills by building vocabulary and comprehension.  It also helps develop conversation!

Connect content of the book to personal experiences and knowledge.

Respond to any and all communication from your child while reading.

Model on your child’s communication device while you’re reading.

Follow the CAR approach!  Lead with a Comment.  ASK for/ invite participation.  Respond by repeating and adding more.

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