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Working with students with complex communication needs, it is often difficult to figure out how we are going to provide the student with a robust language system when determining access may be difficult.  PRC’s CoreScanner™ is a robust language system that allows students to gradually increase vocabulary while maintaining consistent motor plans.

I have a student who is unable to make direct selections with her finger, so we started looking at two switches as an access point for her.  This made CoreScanner™ perfect for her, but she’s mobile!  She doesn’t have great body awareness so attaching the switches to her was not a viable option.  After some brainstorming this is what we came up with!

Back of Switch BoardWe cut an acrylic board to the width of her device.  We made sure to add holes that would align with the strap holes on the Accent.  There are small holes for the screws and larger holes so we can turn the switches off and change the batteries.  We attached PRC’s Freedom Switches to the device which work via Bluetooth so there are no extra wires hanging around!  Lastly, we etched the acrylic with the student’s name!

Back of Switch

The nice thing about this system is that it ensures that the switches are always attached and available with the device.  When we went to the Smithsonian a few weeks ago, I wore the device across my body and when the student wanted to talk, she would tap it.  I would move it around to the front of my body and she could talk!  When she sits a table, the board is flexible (on zip-ties) so it sits perfectly on the table in front of her.

She’s been chatting quite a bit and we’re all thrilled that we figured out a way to make this happen!


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