There seem to be a million and one ways to keep in contact with friends and family floating around the internet right now. Marco Polo is one that I have been using for quick video messages to my loved ones. It is also a great resource for video messages that include AAC.

There are a few features in this app that make it a fun and easy way to communicate or use for video modeling with someone who is far away right now.

You can find Marco Polo on the App Store or Google Play.

It will appear on your phone with a beach ball icon.

When you add a phone number, the app will send an invite to join the app via text message.

Select the person you want to send a video message to.

Select “Start” to begin the recording.

In our example video, we used the flip screen feature to go back and forth between our faces and the ACC systems.

To add some humor to the messages, you can even distort your voice by selecting the unicorn icon, and a “Voice Effect”.

If on-the-spot videos are a little challenging or stressful, there is also the option of uploading a pre-made video from the files saved on your phone.

Have fun sharing video messages with your friends, students, and clients!

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